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Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station - York Region Transit


Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects
Rendering by Diamond Schmitt Architects

As incentive to create a new, multi-use downtown area, the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station is being constructed on currently undeveloped land and will help unify future plans for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The station will allow passengers to directly connect from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) underground subway to York Regional Transit (YRT) bus terminal and Viva Bus Transit. Mechanical, electrical, and lighting design considerations have been taken into account to ensure the station is environmentally friendly.

S + A Services Included:


Sustainability was a major focus, resulting in a final system which is predominantly heating only, with cooling provided to public areas by fan-assisted natural ventilation and ceiling fans during summer months. The heating system consists of two ultra-efficient condensing boilers employing glycol and a staged cascading heating loop. All outdoor air coming into the building is pre-treated with reclaimed heat from exhaust air, either by an enthalpy recovery wheel in the roof top unit or an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) unit serving the staff areas. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are used throughout to limit potable water usage. As the exposed structure was a key architectural feature, ductwork, piping and sprinklers were carefully coordinated to complement the architectural design.


The design included direct and indirect LED lighting with a daylight control in the main concourse to help reduce energy with the natural light coming through the extensively glazed structure. LED lighting is provided along the underside of the covered platform. New distribution included a connection for a temporary diesel generator and lighting inverter for emergency loads. A single stage fire alarm is provided. Conduit backbones are provided for the YRT low voltage, security and fare systems.


An important consideration for the new terminal's audiovisual design was to ensure that announcements made through the bus station's paging system are clear and intelligible for both passengers and staff. Smith + Andersen prepared a sound system acoustic simulation to replicate how speakers would perform in the bus terminal from a volume and intelligibility perspective.


The new bus station lighting is designed to be functional and unobtrusive. The lobby ceiling is kept clear of luminaires and is illuminated with indirect lighting located at the perimeter of the space. The underground connection uses a combination of direct and indirect lighting at the high ceiling areas and direct lighting in the lower ceiling access corridor. An exterior linear LED luminaire is used to frame the curved ceiling and a combination of direct and indirect luminaires are used on the public platforms.


Vaughan, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 9,816 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 18,275,000

Completion Year