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Creating experiences through lighting design and collaboration.

The way we experience spaces really depends on how it is illuminated — something our lighting design specialists understand well. Our team of professionals has an inherent understanding of light and space, which means they can enhance the the captivating visions of architects and interior designers. Whether it’s a historic structure, or modern gallery space, our experts have the smart, striking, and sustainable solutions.

Smith + Andersen is dedicated to providing clients with an unparalleled level of lighting design that meets their efficiency goals and cost objectives. With award-winning international and national projects, we offer a wide array of innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions for all lighting applications. From colour changing LEDs to intuitive lighting controls, and everything in between, we combine our understanding and skillset to create an experience that highlights your space the way you want it to, guiding you through the process to optimize the ultimate vision. 

“Lighting design, when applied creatively with the client’s needs in mind, is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance any space.”


Rafael Correa, Senior Associate


The thing about lighting design is…the work speaks for itself. You can check out our award-winning lighting work in one complete, downloadable brochure. 

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The light distribution of the infrastructure travels from the bottom of the panels, reflects on the higher panels, and tells a visual story along the way.

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Formerly part of an office tower, this space was totally transformed into a contemporary apartment with an art gallery feel throughout.  The project’s electrical and lighting design involved the developing of an LED intelligent white system hidden inside the perimeter cove. The system simulates ambient lighting and can change from warm (2700K) to cool white (6500K), depending on the season, time of day, and outdoor lighting conditions.

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Bridgepoint Hospital
Sketch of Bridgepoint Active Healthcare Don Jail Administrative Building


Bridgepoint Active Healthcare is designed to serve people in need of rehabilitation services as well as those living with complex chronic diseases and disabilities. Smith + Andersen worked on not only the healthcare building but also the redevelopment of the 150-year-old historic Don Jail, providing mechanical, electrical, lighting, communications, security, and building automation services. The Don Jail is incorporated into the modern-day hospital as an administration and education space. 

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“Even the most lovely architecture can be lost if it’s not well lit.”

Kayla Dueck, Project Manager
St Lawrence Market South


The heritage lighting design, complete with LED reconstruction highlighting the facade’s century-old features, reignites the historical features of this popular marketplace. Many of the fixtures are hidden by shrouds and boxes, while the low-voltage wiring is concealed within brick and mortar repairs. These design decisions are particularly evident during the day—all modern exterior fixtures are invisible to thousands of daily passersby. 

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Smith + Andersen's lighting design at the Calgary Convention Centre Macleod Hall features colour-changing linear LEDs placed perpendicular to curved fins on the ceiling, as well as customizable recessed colour-changing liner lights on the columns that line the space. But behind every flashy lighting design there is an equally impressive lighting control system! S+A Associate Dave Hiemstra worked behind the scenes to design the control infrastructure and lighting sequences that allow the coloured lights to move across surfaces of the space!

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“Lighting controls need to be intuitive enough to use easily but also sufficiently complex to give the end-user enough flexibility to alter a room’s lighting drastically, as the functionality of the space changes. It’s a delicate balance to create a successful design that accomplishes these two things simultaneously.”

Interior of West Jet Elevation Lounge


From the pre-programmed settings for each zone, to the creative emergency lighting solutions, the WestJet Elevation Lounge takes programming flexibility to a whole new level. Our lighting control specialists helped to create a space where travelers can rest as they await their flight at the Calgary International Airport. Additionally, the project also uses unique solutions that may inform the design of future Smith + Andersen projects.

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