Intelligent Integration

Your building shouldn’t just be smart…it should be intelligent.

To make the most of a space, it’s important to understand how people are using it. If a building has multiple stand-alone smart systems, where technologies such as building automation, lighting control, security, communications, and audio-visual are not connected, this is truly a lost opportunity and can have a negative financial impact. Here’s where our Intelligent Integration team comes in. By connecting these systems through converged building networks and scalable integrated solutions, and using analytics, machine learning, and AI, as well as simulations – or digital twins – that predict how systems in a building will perform, they not only provide clients with a previously untapped wealth of data, but also make it easy to optimize user comfort and control.

Our national team of intelligent integration specialists take a “measure twice, cut once” approach, knowing that each client has specific needs and is at a different stage in their technology journey. They’re experts at guiding clients through every part of the process, from workshopping user requirements and creating roadmaps, to rolling out strategies for connectivity, integration, procurement, and testing. The result are digital platforms designed to improve tenant engagement and experience, and drive efficiencies, cost reduction, and health and wellness so clients get the most out of their buildings.

Intelligent Integration is a multi-team effort. 


Langdon Baker - IIS Page

“Most buildings have intelligent-capable systems, but those systems often don’t work together. To move from basic system interaction to truly intelligent buildings there needs to be a change in the design and construction thought process.”

Centralized Booking Meeting Room


The integrated systems design of Fanshawe College’s Innovation Village accommodates distance learning, virtual and augmented reality technologies, maker spaces, flexible AV infrastructure, and optimized lighting and motion capture sensor locations.

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WiredScore is a global standard for designing and measuring office and residential buildings with connectivity in mind. The four levels of certification — Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum — align to the type of internet service a tenant can expect. Smith + Andersen Principal Langdon Baker contributed the WiredScore Canadian Standard, which is customized for the Canadian telecommunications market.  

Smith + Andersen was also a WiredScore Smart Council Research Advisor for the SmartScore white paper (April 2021) about the future of smart buildings. 

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Our Intelligent Integrated Systems team is well-versed in every level of building connectivity and works with clients to design integrated solutions that align with their specific goals – what fits for one client may not fit for another. #WIREDWednesday is a series of conversations and case studies that highlight how our team has used different design and technology options to maximize the experience, improve energy efficiency, and decrease operational expenditures for a range of clients.

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Our Intelligent Integrations team works on major healthcare projects across the country, improving operational and energy efficiencies through integrating building automation, lighting control, and communication and security systems (which can include access control, video surveillance technology and real-time locating systems). This convergence of systems must be managed through an overall plan, and that’s where we excel. 

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Commissioning helps to align all building systems with owner criteria and objectives and verify that they operate as needed. In other words: making sure what you wanted is what you’re actually getting. The key is finding a commissioning provider with the right technical knowledge of the building’s functions. The Intelligent Integration team can work with independent providers or Smith + Andersen’s dedicated commissioning service to align objectives with results.

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