2020 IES Illumination
2020 IES ILLUMINATION AWARDS: International Lighting Award Success


Each year, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) awards projects for professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design. 

This year, Smith + Andersen’s Lighting Group received an Award of Merit for two projects: St. Lawrence Market South in Toronto (Outdoor Lighting Design), and Beijing’s Park Hyatt – X House (Interior Lighting Design). Congratulations to the entire project team on their success at the 2020 Illumination Awards. Read on to learn more about these impressive lighting design projects.  

St Lawrence
St. Lawrence Market South // Toronto, ON Award of Merit (Outdoor Lighting Design)
Park X Hyatt
Park Hyatt – X House // Beijing, CH Award of Merit (Interior Lighting Design)

The former site of Toronto’s first permanent city hall in 1845, St. Lawrence Market South Building represents nearly two centuries of the city’s history. The heritage lighting design, complete with LED reconstruction highlighting the facade’s century-old features, reignites the historical features of this popular marketplace.

By integrating fixtures directly into the facade, our team was able to maintain the historic look and feel of the marketplace. Fixtures are hidden by shrouds and boxes, while the low-voltage wiring is concealed within brick and mortar repairs. In concert with this effort, luminaire fixtures are confined between the architectural features, with arches supporting 180-degree blades of light that cling to the building, and luminaires grazing the bricks behind the signage (rather than the signs themselves). Each element of the heritage lighting received specific focus, controlled by a lighting control system that provides full flexibility to each fixture (including a range of specialized features for the clerestory).

The entirely-LED renovated heritage lighting design contributed to 25 per cent energy savings across all exterior lighting. Combined with the renewed focus on historical elements, the lighting design provides a system to sustain and celebrate this iconic Canadian marketplace for another century.

Located in one of Beijing’s tallest residential towers, X House is an event and residential space designed through a system of Bézier curves. The lighting design accommodates the lack of straight walls or ceilings, with unique rooms (including a 1,000-bottle wine cellar) that connect through a network of domes.

To maintain crisp, clean walls and decorative ceilings themed to a futuristic, night sky concept, required precise selection and placement of X House fixtures. The LED lighting system enhances the visual comfort of each room’s design concept, leveraging non-traditional residential lighting design approaches that highlight the specific features of the individual spaces. Fixtures that line the base of the window, ornamental hanging pendants, and precisely placed ceiling luminaires—all well-balanced to enhance the architecture. For example, a fiber optic LED set powers the star constellation and overhead lights in the main gathering space, while occupancy sensor operated LED lights are hidden in the shelves of the winery.

The lighting controls are separate for each room (and feature completely dimmable luminaire fixtures and vacancy sensors), while the corridors of X House feature zero luminaire fixtures on the walls of ceilings. The corridor walls are accentuated by LED lighting tape at the base, connecting each of the domes and naturally guiding occupants from one room to the next. The lighting design enhances the architectural design of X House, providing a flexible and functional (yet still impressive) residential and commercial environment.