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Delivering engineering excellence for discerning clients.

Founded in 1965, Smith + Andersen has grown from an established reputation as trusted mechanical and electrical consultants, reaching new levels of engineering and design excellence in the communications, security, and audio-visual fields, and providing enhanced services such as lighting, building automation systems, and intelligent integrated systems design. Our approach is consistently client-focussed, and we’re known for applying efficient, sustainable, and reliable design and engineering solutions on the most exciting projects across Canada.

Simply put: we love what we do, and we love who we work with. From fully integrated hospitals and welcoming schools, to healthy workplaces and secure transit stations, our team has established lasting relationships with public and private sector clients across the country. We’re connected, committed, and confident.


Personal dignity, fairness, and consistency are inherent in everything we do. We operate in an atmosphere where trust, integrity, and honesty are never compromised.

At Smith + Andersen, we prioritize putting our values first through every business and personal transaction. We abide by the ethical guidelines published by Professional Engineering Associations, and invest time and resources into associations and groups that take the industry further. Whether that be through scholarships for underrepresented groups in the field of engineering, or through hands-on participation in technical committees to contribute to new standards, every commitment made on behalf of the firm will be honoured in full and without qualification.

That’s a commitment we make to our clients, our peers, and to ourselves.


Increasing the number of female engineering students helps build a stronger foundation as we work to raise the percentage of licensed female engineers across Canada. In 2021, we established the Smith + Andersen Scholarship in Engineering at The University of British Columbia and UBC Okanagan. Recipients are third or fourth-year female students enrolled in the Bachelor Applied Science program majoring in mechanical or electrical engineering, with four recipients awarded each year.

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We are reliable, responsive, and proactive. We react promptly and professionally to all contacts and enquiries because the respect, confidence, and satisfaction of our clients is paramount.

Leaving issues unresolved is not an option for us. That’s why Smith + Andersen excels at highly-collaborative delivery methods – we like to add value as early as possible. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Design-Build (DB), Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM) were all new delivery methods at one point, but for us these simply built upon the way we were already working. We prefer all interactions with all contacts to be courteous, friendly, and respectful, and aim to meet their needs and concerns. Fair unbiased attitudes in all colleague, client, and contractor interactions – that’s the Smith + Andersen way. Coincidentally, this also makes Smith + Andersen a great place to work.


Whether we’re performing a compliance role, or part of a successful pursuit team, for us, P3 stands for “People, People, People”. It’s all about the team approach, and that’s our area of expertise.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) revolutionized the industry. But it also highlights that, the more things change, the more they stay the same. What seems like it’s about innovation and technology, is really all about one thing: collaboration.

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We earn the confidence of our clients by keeping them informed and involved while continuously producing work that meets their expectations.

Every person at Smith + Andersen – from our Principals, to our Designers, to our Administrative teams – is responsible for providing a positive, constructive client experience. It’s our clients that have a vision, and we are here to help them achieve that vision. We pride ourselves on “thinking outside of the box”, and providing the kind of flexibility that can make all the difference on a project. We know that we are one small part of the team, but we work hard to add value. Prioritizing long-term relationships with clients that share our vision and mission for the built environment in Canada is our passion, and our commitment to helping clients achieve this vision, in turn, helps us learn A LOT along the way.

“We are a truly national firm that comes together as one. We feed off each other’s strengths, while supporting and respecting one another. Even though we have more than 600 staff, we still feel like a small firm.”


Commercial office buildings are all about USF and RSF. They’re also, of late, about floor-to-ceiling windows. When working as part of the team on HSBC Place in Edmonton, it became clear that the client could provide a lot more value to their tenants if they could offer floor to ceiling windows. But the refurbishment left little ceiling space. Where would all of the (necessary) mechanical equipment go?

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We pride ourselves on being one of Canada’s leading national engineering firms. But we have also, from time to time, consulted on international projects as well. From specialty lighting design, to mechanical and electrical engineering, these designs are also, from time to time, award-winning endeavors.

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We strive to be masters of our disciplines, apply our expertise, and deliver an exemplary service. We will constantly learn, train/mentor our staff, and compare trends with proven standards, to provide sound technical expertise and innovative designs.

From the very beginning, engineering excellence has been central to Smith + Andersen. Truthfully, everything has built around that. This is a place where smart people excel because, at the end of the day, our work is what sets us apart. Practical yet innovative, knowledgeable yet open-minded, our approach is what has taken us far. We embrace continuous learning and mentorship of our employees. Everyone who works here isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves. We see ourselves as active thought leaders in the built environment. 

“One night, we were having dinner at my house, and I turned to John and said, 'You know, we should go into business. We should start our own firm.'”

Ian F. Smith


Smith + Andersen is one of those firms that started with a small idea that eventually got big. We grew organically – never through acquisition, but through partnerships, promotion, and a lot of hard work.

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S+A Services


We may have started out as a mechanical firm, but over the years we have evolved into a fully multi-disciplinary firm. Celebrating the innovation that comes from working alongside people who think differently, the variety of services we’ve offered has only added more value to our clients.

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We have a comprehensive, pragmatic approach to ensure quality. We are continuously evolving our quality control processes.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We create work that we can be proud of, and strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. The highest standards of quality, accuracy, performance, and presentation are our priority in all designs and documentation. We also believe that true quality comes from embracing a variety of opinions and perspectives, and not being afraid to raise the bar. Our company structure is built around mentorship, not management, and we recognize that the professional development of an individual contributes to the growth of the firm.


When you’ve been in business for as long as we have, you know what you need to look for to make sure we are delivering quality on projects. Our in-house documentation and processes aren’t static – we evolve our design manuals, master specifications, and checklists to reflect national and local needs.

We also vet our approaches through national weekly conclaves with all of our teams, sharing what’s working and what needs a closer look.

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One of the key ingredients to the success of S+A is our Workshare program. We pride ourselves on providing the expertise that clients ACTUALLY need, with a unique mix of local expertise and national support. Our nine offices across Canada truly work together, relying on one another for specialized design solutions as needed, without losing the much-needed local, “on the ground” communication.

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We recognize our obligation to encourage responsible design that will positively affect the environment.

Dieter Rams said it best: “Good design is sustainable design.” As engineers and designers, we believe that we have an obligation to encourage responsible design that will positively affect the environment. We make it a priority to be knowledgeable of sustainable standards, and to actively provide feedback surrounding where the industry needs to take things further. Sustainable practices are built right into our work environment, and we look at everything – from how we operate our offices, to how we advise clients – through the lens of sustainability.



Over the past five years, every single one of our offices has either undergone renovations or moved to an entirely new location. Some would see this as a challenge, but we saw it as an opportunity to really streamline our sustainable practices in and around the offices. In each city in which we work, we take pride in providing a clean, safe, and sustainable workplace where staff can collaborate together. 

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Our commitment to sustainability would logically lead to offering this service in-house. But we also prioritize having an impartial third-party involved – modelling a building and giving us honest feedback on our designs. With Footprint, we have the best of both worlds. A sustainability offering that is part of the Smith + Andersen Group, but still operates as a separate company.

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The beloved industry concert that transforms architects, engineers, and contractors into rock stars is returning to the stage in April 2024. Whether you're sharing your talents, sponsoring, or cheering on your favourite band, this is a beloved event that you WON'T want to miss.

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Our primary asset is our people. We want all employees to reach their full potential.

It would be fair to say that Smith + Andersen operates less like an engineering firm, and more like a tech firm. Our engineering teams do not have traditional managers, and we do not operate in a “hierarchy”. Every level of the organization – from our co-op students to our Principals – is given access to everyone else. This might sound like chaos, but what it actually translates to is true empowerment. Staff are given the tools to exceed, and are challenged to take those tools further.

Paint Night in our Calgary office.


Smith + Andersen holds an Employee Opinion Survey every two to three years. Consistently, we have seen high engagement on this survey (never less than 80%, and the last year 91%!), and time and again, our staff tell us that they have the opportunity to have their ideas adopted and put into use, and that they have the authority to do their job well.

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Curling in our Ottawa office!


Our national co-op program is integral to Smith + Andersen’s success as a firm. We put a lot of time and energy into building up our staff right out of University, teaching them to uphold our core values right from the very beginning. It’s taken nearly six decades to build up, but the results (and our workplace culture) really speak for themselves. 

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