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Brampton City Hall Expansion


Designed by Zeidler Partnership Architects
Photos by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

The Brampton City Hall expansion includes the construction of a nine-storey office building with meeting rooms, administration areas, retail on ground and five levels of parking. Additional meeting rooms, a grand hall and retail areas are also part of a two-storey addition to City Hall. Smith + Andersen completed the base building design, tenant fit-up, and retail landlord's work.

S + A Services Included:


The building features a chilled water system with chillers on variable frequency drives (VFDs) and high efficiency condensing boilers for the heating system. The penthouse contains most of the variable volume air handlers for the office floors which allows for full economizer modes and the chillers to be disabled in the winter. Space has been made available for a future supplementary condenser system. There is a large cistern divided into two compartments: one serving low flow water closets and urinals, and an irrigation system for the green roofs. The building is equipped with a building automation system (BAS) which is compatible with the existing city hall.


The lighting within the open office areas, private offices and meeting rooms is designed to meet the LEED Gold objectives while complementing the architectural design and most importantly, ensuring a comfortable work environment. Daylight and occupancy sensors are used to minimize energy usage, while local manual control is also available to allow user intervention if desired. The parking garage is also equipped with occupancy sensors and infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations. The power and data is distributed to the office furniture via the ceiling of the floor below to meet the demand of a flexible office space and accommodate various possible furniture layouts.


The telecommunications structured cabling system was comprised of Category 6 horizontal cabling and OM3 multimode fibre optic backbone cabling. The structured cabling system utilized the raised floor environment to give the client a flexible environment to allow for easy moving, additions, and changes.


The electronic access control system is designed to facilitate automated controlled access to secured rooms or areas. An emergency duress intercom system is deployed in the parking garage to request assistance from security personnel if required. An Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV system and cameras provides 24/7 surveillance of the exterior, parking garage, and interior of the facility. The CCTV system is integrated with the access control and emergency duress systems for automatic surveillance of alarms. All security systems are integrated on a common data network for efficiency, flexibility, and to facilitate reconfiguration of each system to meet future electronic security requirements.


Brampton, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 205,000 sq ft

Completion Year