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Highlands Branch Library Renewal


Designed by Marshall Tittemore Architects and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

The Highlands Branch of the Edmonton Public Library has served customers in northeast Edmonton and in the communities of Highlands, Montrose and Bellevue for over 50 years. With that legacy in mind, this new landmark replaces the existing branch with a welcoming façade enhanced by the relaxing public gardens.

S + A Services Included:


The Highlands Library is designed with energy efficient systems to create an indoor environmental quality that meets the requirements of LEED Silver Certification. The building is heated by condensing boilers, with a cascading load system for the circulated heating water, creating a high temperature drop between the incoming and outgoing water. The building is cooled through the use of an air-cooled chiller and circulated chilled water in a radiant perimeter slab application. The radiant cooling slab, which works very efficiently when exposed to direct sunlight, is located along the south and west exposures of the building's perimeter. A displacement ventilation system allows air to flow at low velocities over points of internal loads (such as people and computer equipment); the air heats up and creates a natural plume which removes heat from the occupied space without requiring additional mechanical energy to circulate the air. Additional energy-savings are realized by the air handling unit complemented by heat recovery. The building is controlled using a direct digital control building management system, which tracks indoor and outdoor environmental conditions and matches equipment output to the building demand.


Edmonton, Alberta

Gross Floor Area

  • 118,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 5,500,000

Completion Year