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Bridgepoint Active Healthcare


Stantec Architecture / KPMB Architects are the Planning, Design and Compliance Architects for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare responsible for the project specific outline specifications (PSOS) and the Design Exemplar
HDR Architecture / Diamond Schmitt Architects are the architects to the Design, Build, Finance and Maintain consortium responsible for the design as constructed and are the Architects of Record

Photos by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare is expressly designed to serve people in need of rehabilitation services and those living with complex chronic diseases and disabilities. This state-of-the-art, LEED Silver Certified 10-storey facility features large rooms, modern technologies, and space for therapy. The building, with capacity for 472 beds, is approximately 680,000 square feet and includes a two-level, below-grade parking garage.

This project is an example of Smith + Andersen's experience with phased design approach in which an ageing facility was replaced. The project was a redevelopment within the confines of the existing site delivered through the design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) project model administered by Infrastructure Ontario. Along with phasing plans, several ""early works"" projects were developed and completed in order to keep the existing hospital functional during construction of the new facility. Smith + Andersen also provided services for the 150-year-old historic Don Jail, which is incorporated into the new site as an administrative wing.

S + A Services Included:


This technologically-advanced hospital has achieved LEED Silver Certification. The building consumes less energy, uses stormwater runoff from the roof for landscape irrigation, and maximizes the use of natural light. At least 75% of construction waste was diverted away from landfills by recycling or salvaging materials during the construction process.


Electrical engineering services provided by S+A included the design of medium voltage switchgear, which features a medium voltage auto transfer scheme and metering and load switches to the main 600V low voltage distribution switchgear. The main 600V switchgear is double-ended and fed by two 13.8kV:600V transformers, each sized to accommodate the entire connected load. The main utility distribution system is designed with a high resistance ground system to provide additional fault tolerance and allow for the critical distribution to continue to function in the event of a feeder fault. The emergency power distribution system consists of two 2000kW prime-rated diesel generators, connected in parallel, feeding vital, delayed vital and conditional distribution throughout the building. Load shedding controls are designed to account for generator failure scenarios, while provisions for temporary at grade mobile generator support is provided for extended generator failure scenarios. The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system consists of two paralleled UPS modules each with multiple dedicated VRLA battery strings sized to provide 15 minutes of battery back-up at full load.


Two independent, fully redundant, robust, Information Technology (IT) data networks were designed for this project, both comprising high-speed fiber-optic and copper cables, as well as modern core and edge data switches. The first data network provides a communications platform for the hospital's corporate and administrative Internet Protocol (IP) data and telephone services; the second provides a communications platform for the hospital's critical clinical and building systems (e.g., Nurse Call, real-time locating systems, video surveillance). The two independent networks are integrated via firewalls to enable sharing of information and resources while maintaining IT security and integrity of the systems. A Network Operating Centre (NOC), complete with redundant cooling and redundant power services, houses all systems servers and critical equipment.


S+A designed integrated systems critical to providing safety and security to the hospital's patients, staff and visitors, as well as facilitating the protection of assets. Services include the complete design of leading edge turnkey systems, including Nurse Call, access control, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and intrusion detection. Best practices and proven technology were employed in a collaborative manner to ensure the owner's expectations and the required functionalities of the project were met and achieved. All systems are integrated, yielding unified functions to facilitate efficiency, automation and alarm verification.


The lighting design for the new Bridgepoint Active Healthcare was provided to create a welcoming and warm environment for patients and staff alike. The main lobby has a combination of linear fluorescents, deep recessed inside a black niche on the wood ceiling and LED glowing luminaires, located behind the glass walls for ambient lighting. Accent downlights and compact fluorescent glass pendants are located in the elevator lobbies and at reception areas. Accent lighting is located to highlight art pieces, feature walls and structural columns. The top terrace has an asymmetric lighting layout with round LED downlights at the support columns and linear fluorescents close to the canopy edge to illuminate the gardens. The ground level exterior lighting uses a combination of cut-off poles, bollards and custom mounted luminaires in concrete architectural features.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 800,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 500,000,000

Completion Year



2014 CEO - Award of Merit - Building Engineering and Science

2013 PUG Awards - Paul Oberman Award - Adaptive Reuse and Heritage Restoration

2014 PUG Awards - People's Choice Award - Best Commercial + Institutional Building in Toronto

2014 IES Illumination - Award of Merit - Toronto Section

2014 IES Illumination - International Award of Merit

2015 American Institute of Architects and Academy of Architecture for Healthcare Design Awards - Built (more than $25 million construction cost)

2016 Civic Trust Award - Commendation

2016 Governor General's Medal in Architecture

2016 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities - Award of Excellence