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Residences of College Park - Phase 3 Aura


Designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.

Designed as the third phase of this condominium development, this 80-storey tower contains 985 suites. The building, occupied in five phases, began with five levels of below-grade parking. The fifth floor of the tower has three lounges, private dining room, video games room, movie theatre, media lounge, billiards room, and guest suites. The podium consists of three restaurants, two banks, two department stores, and a fitness facility. The tallest condominium in Canada, the Residences of College Park offers stunning views of the cityscape and adjacent three acre park. Smith + Andersen also provided services for Aura Fitness, located within the tower.

S + A Services Included:


Each residential unit is served by high-efficiency heat pumps, central outside-air energy recovery supply to common corridors, and exhaust air fans to improve energy efficiency of the building. Individual suite electrical sub-metering allows occupants to manage their energy consumption and costs.


Distribution systems are separated and individually metered to accommodate five retail levels, the residential floors, and multiple ownerships. The main electrical room, located at the P1 level, serves the four retail sub-electrical rooms located in the podium, as well as the four residential sub-electrical rooms stationed in the residential tower. The residential suites are served by multiple bus duct risers and are individually metered by Toronto Hydro. An emergency standby diesel generator on the 5th floor podium roof provides backup power for the entire building. There are two fully-addressable fire alarm systems working together as a complete system (one for the retail podium and the other for the residential tower). Due to the building's size, the fire alarm system was designed to accommodate phased occupancy between the retail podium and the residential tower levels. With the large number of people living and working in Aura, the high voltage substation incorporates an automatic transfer scheme to allow the building to continue operating if one of the high voltage lines to the building is compromised.


The communications design for the condominium includes dedicated infrastructure to each suite. This allows each tenant to connect to the outside world via a high bandwidth cabling infrastructure, and to enjoy possible savings by choosing from multiple ISPs available in the area. The podium level, consisting of commercial retail, a gym, and multilevel underground parking, features a dedicated pathway system for telecommunications which permits each commercial tenant to install their own telecommunications infrastructure and to connect to their preferred ISP.


Security services designed for Aura by S+A include state-of-the-art turnkey security systems, which provide closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance, electronic card access control, intrusion detection, and intercoms throughout the facility. The design also includes a unique suite intrusion detection system that monitors each unit for intrusion and allows the occupant to arm and disarm their suite independently. Centralized, real-time monitoring of each suite at the facility's security office is provided via a graphical user interface. A duress alarm system, consisting of static duress stations and wireless fob activated duress alarm functions, enables building occupants to request urgent assistance within the parking levels.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 1,143,150 sq ft

Completion Year