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Highfield Junior School


Designed by Taylor_Smyth architects

Highfield Junior School is an existing building which has undergone several renovations. The latest renovation project is an addition of 10 new classrooms and a childcare centre. Although the mandate of the project is to use sustainable features, the Toronto District School Board decided to not formally adhere to any rating systems.

S + A Services Included:


The mechanical engineering featured a geothermal system with 24 vertical wells located on the property adjacent to the building. Air systems included a dedicated outside air heat recovery unit distributing to ground source heat pumps, providing local heating and cooling in the classrooms. The classrooms were supplemented with a perimeter radiation system which was connected to the existing heating plant. The childcare area used the ground source system for heating and cooling and was equipped with an enthalpy recovery unit for fresh air. For additional comfort in the childcare area, the floor was radiantly heated. The addition has the latest water saving plumbing fixtures and all spaces were fully sprinklered.


Existing electrical infrastructure was expanded upon to accommodate the new building additions. Separate electrical services were provided to the classroom addition and childcare addition, with the childcare addition being submetered. The existing fire alarm, paging security and communications services were extended to the new addition and childcare addition. Interior lighting was designed to maximize energy efficiency utilizing a centralized lighting control system. Each classroom included zoned switching, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting to provide a consistent lighting levels and maintain energy efficiency. Interior emergency lighting was provided through battery packs and remote heads throughout the classroom and corridor areas. Exterior lighting utilized solar powered pedestrian scale pole mounted LED luminaires. Each solar powered luminaire contained sufficient storage capacity to provide even illumination throughout the night and did not require any connection to the building electrical supply.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 20,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 7,400,000

Completion Year