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Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport - New Terminal Building


Designed by Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Renderings by Stantec Architecture Ltd.

A major component of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport's redevelopment, the new air terminal building includes a 22-gate, two level terminal and four level parking garage that replaces the existing terminal servicing international and domestic clients. The new terminal building met the requirements for the commercial building incentive program (CBIP) and LEED. This terminal is the first airport in Canada and the second in North America to receive a LEED-certified rating.

S + A Services Included:


Design of the mechanical systems in joint venture with SMS Engineering and TMP. Some features include radiant cooling and heating and heat recovery. Smith + Andersen utilized the vast knowledge base of other airport projects to streamline the design into the architecture. The mechanical systems include a combination of variable air volume and constant air volume systems with glycol heat recovery on exhaust air systems, waste heat recovery from heat pumps for utilization in low temperature heating water systems, and in-slab hydronic radiant floor heating and cooling systems. High temperature heating water and chilled water is generated in the central utilities building (CUB) and is received by the new terminal for distribution. The heating water is cascaded to maximize the temperature difference and is returned to the CUB at a low temperature to maximize plant efficiency.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gross Floor Area

  • 570,487 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 220,000,000

Completion Year