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Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Centre


Designed by Salter Pilon Architecture Inc.
Photos by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

This multi-use recreational facility includes two NHL sized ice rinks(one with seating for 900 spectators, the other with seating for 350 spectators), an eight lane 25-metre competition/fitness swimming pool, leisure pool, relaxation/therapy warm temperature pool, fully furnished fitness centre with strength training, aerobic studio, cardio machines, walking track, gymnasium, program and meeting rooms

S + A Services Included:


The project utilizes rooftop units with gas-fired heating and DX cooling for the majority of the program spaces. Each unit incorporates demand control ventilation, 100% outside air free cooling and MERV 13 filters to maximize energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality. In addition, the change room rooftop units incorporate enthalpy recovery wheels to recover heat and moisture from the exhaust system. The indoor pool air handler utilizes exhaust heat recovery for pretreating the outside air and waste heat from the dehumidification process to heat the lap pool and reheat the supply air. Custom desiccant dehumidification rooftop units were utilized for each rink and make use of waste heat from the refrigerant plant and an internal refrigerant cycle heat rejection loop to regenerate the desiccant wheel, thus saving energy. Reclaim heat off the ice rink refrigeration plant is used as low-grade heat for rink change rooms, rink seating slab heating, slab heating for the child minding area, and snow melting. In order to achieve a LEED Silver rating the project also included low water consumption plumbing fixtures and a rainwater harvesting cistern for flushing toilets and urinals.


A diesel generator is located on the roof in a weatherproof enclosure. A two stage fire alarm system allows alert signals to be investigated to avoid evacuation in the event of false alarms. Transient surge suppression equipment is located at panels. Combination occupancy/daylight sensors turn off interior lighting within 4.5 meters of windows and in the main corridor when sufficient daylight is available or the lighting is not required during night time hours.


At the main concourse, the skylights have internal illumination using LED luminaires to simulate daylight in the evening hours. Linear surface mounted fluorescents are used as ambient lighting at the concourse and aimable recessed metal halide luminaires are used to highlight graphics and feature displays. Rink and the basketball courts are illuminated with high output fluorescent pendant mounted luminaires. The rink spectator areas and the running track have compact fluorescent glass pendants. The pool is illuminated with direct/indirect pendants mounted above the deck areas for ease of maintenance. Exterior lighting is accomplished using metal halide down lights at the perimeter of the canopies and to illuminate columns.


Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 160,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 32,970,000

Completion Year