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Hilton Niagara Falls Resort and Conference Hotel


Designed by Stanford Downey Architects Inc.

Phase I of the project involved renovation of an existing 16-storey hotel and a new 30-storey hotel and conference centre. Phase II includes a total of 453 rooms, three ballrooms, six meeting rooms, a two-storey restaurant and bar at the top of the 30-storey building, central laundry facilities, a central kitchen for the conference centre, a pool and an adventure theme water park that includes a three-storey water slide. New mechanical and electrical systems were incorporated into the existing hotel to bring it up to four star standards.

S + A Services Included:


The project added a central heating and cooling plant in the new building that was extended to service the renovated 16-storey building. A two-pipe fan coil system was incorporated for the hotel with a combination of constant and variable air volume air handlers for the conference centre, aquatic theme park, and back-of-the-house.


Smith + Andersen was responsible for the design of a completely new electrical system including the main service, lighting design, emergency power design, and all of the low voltage systems. The systems were designed with a particular focus for future expansion capabilities and to minimize any disruption during the switchover to a new high voltage service.


Niagara Falls, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 320,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 35,000,000

Completion Year