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Mundy's Bay Public School


Designed by Ted Handy And Associates Inc., Architect
Photos by Ted Handy And Associates Inc., Architect

The project included the design of a new two-storey building and replacing the old school using a variety of mechanical and electrical systems. The design followed LEED protocol, incorporating various energy efficiency and sustainable design measures and achieved LEED Gold certification. Modeling has indicated the building performance will exceed the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) by more than 45%. In addition, with the total energy intensity reported to being 9.13 ekWh/sf, Mundy's Bay Public School was reported as being the top energy performing school in Canada from 2009-2011.

S + A Services Included:


The building structure was designed with hollow core slabs that allowed for structural use for air distribution and for thermal storage, thereby offsetting peak loads during the day. In addition to these systems S+A used a ground source heat pump system consisting of 54 wells, 200 feet deep holes to satisfy building heating and cooling requirements. Geothermal energy transfer was designed through energy efficient water-to-water heat pumps serving coils in air handling units. The building was also served by high efficiency boilers and domestic hot water heaters. The design also included use of energy recovery enthalpy wheels, variable speed drives on pumps and air handling units and demand control ventilation. A cistern was provided to store rainwater for use in water closets and on-site irrigation.


The building contains a new fire alarm, PA, security and communication services. Efficient lighting and energy saving systems were adopted in the design to meet LEED Gold standards. A central 120V battery inverter system was utilized for emergency lighting systems. The direction of the building maximized the sunlight penetration of natural lighting and energy efficiency, limiting the use of interior lighting through daylight sensors. A lighting control scheme to individually switch the multiple ballasts within the same fixture was also devised to allow dimming and flexible control of the multi-purpose space while meeting the code requirements for emergency lighting.


Midland, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 52,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 11,075,000

Completion Year