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TEDCO Corus Building


Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects
Photo by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

Located on the Toronto waterfront, TEDCO's Corus Building serves as the Toronto headquarters for Corus Entertainment, one of Canada's largest integrated media and entertainment companies. The office and broadcast centre is a hub of activity with ongoing broadcasting and public performances. This seven-storey building also has retail and restaurant spaces on the ground floor.

S + A Services Included:


S+A provided base building mechanical engineering services. Initially the building used heated water and chilled water from a district energy heating and cooling plant. One year after substantial completion, S+A was engaged to design an enwave central plant on the roof of the building because the district energy plant was being demolished. Outside air is provided from penthouse air handlers serving the four cores in the building. Typical floors are served with chilled water compartment units which are located in the core and overhead perimeter heating with fan powered variable air volume boxes.

Several methods were used to achieve water and energy efficiency. A grey water collection system was used to collect storm water and filter it for reuse in water closets and urinals. Low flow plumbing fixtures were utilized throughout the building. Enthalpy recovery wheels on the outside air handlers, high-efficiency electronically commutated motors (ECM) on the fan-powered variable air volume boxes, and variable speed pumping on the chilled, heating, and domestic water systems, were also used to provide further energy savings. The building also features a green roof.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 564,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 112,000,000

Completion Year