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Palisades on the Glen


Designed by Quadrangle Architects Limited
Photo by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

This residential retirement building consists of 128 rental units, 83 luxury condominium suites, a full service kitchen, a dining room, a spa, a pool, a therapeutic tub, amenity spaces and underground parking.

S + A Services Included:


Heating and cooling are provided in each suite by vertical heat pumps. Other energy efficient items included in the design are VAV air handlers for amenity spaces, condensing boilers and condensing domestic hot water heaters.


Each suite is individually metered for electrical usage to encourage reducing condominium fees. Motion sensors are provided at the entrance to each suite and in the washrooms to reduce energy usage when the space is unoccupied.


Mississauga, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 177,666 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 46,500,000

Completion Year



Toronto Construction Association 'Best of the Best' - 2010 Project Achievement Category