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The Edison Lobby


The existing lobby at The Edison at 150 9th Ave SW was converted from two separate floorplates to one large two-storey atrium. The lobby renovation allowed for the building to take advantage of the Plus 15 Skyway walkway network in Calgary which connects the Tower Center to the south to The Edison (and to a future Plus 15 Skyway connection to the building to the west).

S + A Services Included:


Smith + Andersen provided mechanical engineering services that altered the existing base building systems to serve the new open space. The challenge mechanically was to work within the constraints of the existing systems to minimize costs associated with upgrading the mechanical system.

Smith + Andersen worked with the client and architect to provide a building envelope solution which worked with the existing mechanical systems.


150 9th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Gross Floor Area

  • 35,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 12,000,000

Completion Year