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Confidential Pharmaceutical Client


Smith + Andersen was engaged as the mechanical, electrical, communications, and audio-visual (AV) design consultants on the revitalization of an existing office space.

S + A Services Included:


A focal point of the new space is a large gathering area, which can accommodate everything from town hall meetings and discussion panels to executive speeches. In order to achieve this, the AV design team utilized technology such as laser video projection (and a large projection screen), wireless microphones, and wall-mounted and pendant-style loudspeakers. Select users are authorized to select background music for the area, and can adjust this from their personal device. The infrastructure allows for wired video / audio, and provides connectivity for additional equipment if required (i.e., for larger presentations). The set up in this space is connected to a large control touch panel, allowing users to simply route video and audio as required. The user interface provided on all AV equipment is clean and simple, allowing users to connect and operate each AV system with ease.

The layout of the new office includes varied sizes of meeting spaces, all of which are outfitted with web-conferencing capabilities, servicing presenters through both wired and wireless connectivity. The main boardroom includes integrated microphones and wired connections to the AV system through a table monument, accommodating not only presentations but also video and web conferencing. High quality audio was important to the client and a key consideration for the design. Smaller "touch-down" areas also facilitate quick and easy local presentations.



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