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Metrolinx Bramalea GO Station Redevelopment


The Bramalea GO Station Redevelopment is a complete reconfiguration of the existing site that adds a six-storey, above grade parking garage (with 2,060 parking spaces), replaces the existing station building, and redevelops the surface parking. Smith + Andersen is the mechanical, electrical, and intelligent integrated systems design consultant for this Design-Build project.

The redevelopment includes the replacement of the existing station building with a larger, linear terminal consisting of a continuous canopy and parking garage integration. Additional features include improvements to and expansion of surface parking and customer waiting areas (passenger pick-up and drop-off), a pedestrian bridge connecting the parking garage and rail platforms, and an expansion of the existing pedestrian tunnel connections.

Targeting LEED Gold certification, the Bramalea GO Station Redevelopment includes sustainable design features such as grid-tied solar photovoltaic arrays that cover the roof of the parking garage.

The platform redevelopment consists of improved vertical access connections (including elevators and stairs), a side platform, an expansion of the existing island and side rail platforms, and renovations to existing platform shelters (as well as additional shelters). Other additions include a bus loop with increased capacity for GO and Brampton Zum buses (12 GO buses and two Brampton Zum buses), covered bicycle racks and secured parking, a vehicle counting system for the parking garage, and site access points (including signalized intersections).

The redeveloped station building includes ticketing and waiting areas, a driver's lounge, integrated retail spaces, platform connections, and service spaces. The station building and parkade both accommodate electric vehicle charging stations.

Design features include the installation and expansion of various customer-facing systems (including Metrolinx public address, CCTV, PINS digital signage, WiFi, and fare systems), upgrades to electrical service and emergency generator capacity, and an expansion of electrical rooms. All tunnels, platforms, station areas, and parking lots feature energy efficient LED lighting. The design also includes an upgrade and extension of the station building and parking garage fire alarm systems, as well as an elevator modernization.

Construction of the Bramalea GO Station requires multiple phases in order to maintain GO Transit operations and parking while minimizing customer and community impact (requiring a fit-up of a temporary parking lot on an adjacent site). Project construction is taking place alongside the fully-operation Kitchener rail corridor, which limits work windows and requires multiple shifts.

In order to protect and relocate utilities during construction, this project involves extensive coordination with third party, Class 1 utilities. The project design meets Metrolinx Design Excellence requirements.


Brampton, ON

Gross Floor Area

  • 1,250,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 99,170,000

Completion Year