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Red Deer College Student Residence


This student residence includes 145 units, multiple gathering spaces, a reception desk, a communal kitchen, laundry facilities, washrooms, study rooms, and lounges. As sustainability was a significant focus of the design, the entire east, south, and west faces of the building are clad with photovoltaic panels.

Smith + Andersen was engaged as the mechanical design consultant. The building was completed through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, and features a heavy timber structure.

Our mechanical team coordinated with both the architect and the structure contractor to accommodate the exposed wood of this heavy timber building. The mechanical design took a vertical systems approach, with piping and servicing coordinated through shafts or pipe chases in order to avoid obstructing the wood with horizontal systems. Additionally, the mechanical design included a four pipe fan coil unit system with dedicated outdoor air ventilation and a condensing hot water heating system.

Design by Manasc Isaac Architects.
Rendering courtesy of Manasc Isaac Architects.


Red Deer, AB

Gross Floor Area

  • 62,430 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 18,000,000

Completion Year