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USEP Regional Express Rail Package 1 / Early Works New South Platform and Concourse


The Union Station Enhancement Project (USEP) is the enhancement and expansion of Union Station to accommodate more frequent (and higher speed) train service, increased passenger demand levels, and the electrification of the Metrolinx rail network throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Smith + Andersen is the mechanical and electrical design consultants for this Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) project. The electrical design for this project also includes low voltage systems.

The Regional Express Rail Package 1: Early Works - New South Platform and Concourse expands Union Station to the south with new platforms and a concourse. The project increases the capacity of the station and provides direct connections between York Street to the west and Bay Street to the east. The southern expansion includes platforms built adjacent to the Scotiabank Arena (replacing three side-by-side tracks that currently occupy the space). The design includes a fit-up with a full complement of low voltage customer facing systems (public address, CCTV, PINS digital signage, WiFi, and fare systems), as well as traditional mechanical and electrical systems.

The platforms include in-platform glycol snow-melting (with Enwave District Energy acting as a hot water source). Enwave is also utilized for heating and cooling the concourse space. In order to protect and relocate utilities within the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC), this project requires extensive surveys and coordination with Class 1 utilities.

Project construction coincides with the fully-operational Union Station Rail Corridor. The project involves extensive coordination with the $850-million City of Toronto Union Station Revitalization Project and the neighbouring 81-141 Bay Street development (which includes an overbuild bridge that spans the USRC directly east of the existing Union Station Trainshed).

The scope of this development also requires widespread track protection coordination with GO Transit and coordination with adjacent land owners. The project design meets Metrolinx Design Excellence requirements.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 1,000,000 sq ft

Completion Year