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Royal Alberta Museum Exhibition Spaces


Western Canada's largest museum opened its doors to the public in October 2018. Once the building was constructed, Smith + Andersen was engaged by a global experiential marketing agency to provide mechanical and electrical engineering services on the extensive exhibition fit-out. Our team worked in parallel with the architect to transform the interior into an impressive and contemporary exhibition space devoted to human and natural history.

By working closely with all the specialty consultants for lighting, communications and audio-visual design, Smith + Andersen served as the backbone for coordinating the intricacies of everything related to power for the exhibitions. Due to our vast experience in those disciplines, we were able to effectively manage the project to support the goals of all parties (or stakeholders).

S + A Services Included:


Mechanically, Smith + Andersen worked with the exhibit installation team to provide the necessary mechanical services, bringing several specialty and interactive
exhibits to life throughout the facility. Some of the spaces requiring high environmental standards were specialty tanks housing live sturgeon and turtles; a display where tiny droplets of water are crystallized in real time; and a nursery where exotic bugs are bred and hatched. Our team worked in unison with the contractors to find elegant solutions for these functional spaces.


Electrical services included providing power for several aquariums; life safety devices for animals, and coordinating all changes with the base building for life safety systems.



Gross Floor Area

  • 96,078 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 375,500,000

Completion Year