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402 Dunsmuir


Currently under development, 402 Dunsmuir is a mixed-use office building which, once complete, will offer the convenience of a downtown location in a prestigious office tower. With floor-to-ceiling glass and modern amenity spaces, the project has proven highly-attractive to future tenants. This site provides convenient parking as well as easy access to public transportation.

The total gross floor area of this new nine-storey office building will be approximately 140,000 square feet (approximately 6,500 square feet of retail space and 10,000 square feet of amenity space). The gross floor area of the retail pod (to be located at the corner of West Georgia and the adjacent service laneway) will be 17,000 square feet.

Smith + Andersen has been engaged as the mechanical, electrical, and communications consultant for this project. The development is targeting CaGBC LEED® Core and Shell Gold Certification.

Designed by B+H Architects.


Vancouver, BC

Gross Floor Area

  • 140,000 sq ft

Completion Year