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The Shore


Located across from Kelowna's Gyro Beach, this six-storey mixed-use development features 90 residential units, office space on the second level, and ground floor retail amenities.

Smith + Andersen is engaged as the mechanical consultant for the project. The building's mechanical systems are notably complex, as dedicated systems are required for the individual residential spaces, offices, and retail areas.

The building accommodates retail and commercial tenant spaces through water source heat pumps with electric reheat coils, which provide conditioning to these areas.

The residential suites include individual heat recovery ventilators and terminal air conditioners, providing tenants with full temperature control of their own suite. The third floor amenity space features numerous fire pit features, requiring enhanced fire protection coverage.

Rendering courtesy of Zeidler.


Kelowna, BC

Gross Floor Area

  • 108,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 29,000,000

Completion Year