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Ryerson University - Ted Rogers School of Management Video Wall


Photo by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

Smith + Andersen provided design and consulting services for a large format video wall designed to provide a high value digital media experience for patrons entering the lobby of this high traffic space in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our engineering services included system design, architectural, structural and electrical infrastructure coordination, budget and tender guidance and construction administration services. Smith + Andersen also provided design services for the electrical infrastructure.

S + A Services Included:


The 18 foot diagonal direct-view LED display is designed for maximum impact and will be used by the school to deliver news and announcements, promote programs and student activities, display community generated content and event notifications, as well as critical campus updates such as weather advisories and emergency broadcasts. The system shall support high-resolution pictures, live video streams and other dynamic content. The system is a high-brightness, direct view indoor LED with a 1500 nits brightness to allow the image to be viewable from outside the building.


Toronto, Ontario

Total Construction Cost

$ 400,000

Completion Year