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Georgian Bay Hospital - Emergency Department Renovation


Designed by Salter Pilon Architecture Inc.
Renderings by Salter Pilon Architecture Inc.

Originally designed to accommodate 18,000 visits a year, annual visits to the Georgian Bay General Hospital Emergency Department have now increased to 45,000 patients. As a result, the hospital is undergoing a renovation that has been divided into three phases. Smith + Andersen is providing services for Phase II which includes the construction of a four-bay ambulance garage and a renovation to the interior of the existing ER department. The scope also involves an addition to the south of the existing building that will be used for administration purposes and staffing areas.

S + A Services Included:


The existing air handling unit serving the emergency department was replaced to meet CSA Z317.2 air exchange rates, air handling construction requirements and suit the requirements of the newly renovated spaces. New ventilation, heating, plumbing, fire protection, medical gas and pneumatic tube distribution were provided to suit the renovated spaces. New radiant panel perimeter heating was provided throughout. Sprinkler coverage was extended into the previously non-sprinklered renovated areas.


A new diesel generator and automatic transfer switch were added specifically for the emergency department loads and to allow for additional spare capacity to be recovered from the existing generator. New electrical distribution switchboards and panelboards were provided throughout to suit the circuit capacity requirements in the renovated areas. All new LED lighting fixtures were provided throughout, including in patient exam rooms. All existing low voltage, including fire alarm, security and nurse call systems, are extended to suit the renovation.


The telecommunications design consisted of tracing and removal of existing voice/data cabling infrastructure as part of the demolition phase. New Category 6 voice/data cabling was provided to support new hospital equipment and new facilities.


Nurse call, electronic access control, and video surveillance systems(closed-circuit television) are provided in the existing and demolished areas.


Midland, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 14,900 sq ft

Completion Year