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Penn West Plaza


Designed by Abugov Kaspar Architecture Engineering Interior Design
Photo by Kelly Sereda

Penn West Plaza (East Tower) is a 242,376 square foot, 10-storey office building, completed in 2008. The West Tower is a 384,324 square foot, 20-storey building, with a completion year of 2010. It features a daycare, fitness centre, as well as 5 levels of underground parking for 350 vehicles.

S + A Services Included:


The office space mechanical HVAC system for the East and West Towers are individual floor compartment units supplying a ceiling mounted ring main ductwork and DDC VAV boxes dedicated for perimeter and interior zones. Air distribution is delivered with low pressure ductwork, via interior square diffusers and perimeter slot diffusers. Base ventilation is 27 CFM/person, exceeding ASHRAE 62.1. Wall fin radiation heating is controlled with DDC control valves. Tenant condenser water serves 24/7 supplementary cooling for data/server room AC units.


Calgary, Alberta

Gross Floor Area

  • 626,700 sq ft

Completion Year