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Fleet Maintenance Building


Designed by Kasian Architecture
Rendering by Kasian Architecture

This fleet maintenance building is a replacement for the existing building located in Rocky View, and is a single storey service/repair garage shop and associated office space. The facility consists of repair bays, welding bays, truck wash, and a car wash bay for light and heavy vehicles.

S + A Services Included:


The offices are heated, ventilated, and cooled via packaged, constant volume roof top units, and supplemented with electric heat at the entrances. Split system air conditioning units were provided for the IT/server room. Mechanical ventilation systems for the shop include make-up air units, exhaust fans and de-stratification fans. Overhead gas fired infrared heaters and gas fired unit heaters provide heating for the shop floors. Point of use vehicle exhaust systems consisting of a dedicated exhaust fan, high static duct and hoses with local control are available to the service bays. A shop compressed air system and oil distribution system are also included. The building is also complete with high efficiency domestic hot water heaters and a direct digital control building management system.


Rocky View County, Alberta

Gross Floor Area

  • 31,500 sq ft

Completion Year