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Meredith Block


Designed by Gibbs Gage Architects

Located in the community of Bridgeland, immediately north of the 4th Street flyover, Meredith Block is a seven-storey, mid-rise office building with four levels of underground parking. The main floor is slated for retail tenants, while the remaining six upper floors are for typical office space. The project is currently targeting LEED Gold Silver Certification.

S + A Services Included:


The penthouse mechanical plant consists of forced draft boilers, variable speed central air handling unit, centrifugal chillers, and variable speed indoor cooling towers. A chilled water re-claim loop has been provided on the ventilation air system to reduce energy usage by pre-heating outside air when heating, and increasing chiller efficiencies when cooling is required. Central high efficient domestic hot water heaters provide hot water for all base building core washrooms.

The typical office floors are ventilated and cooled via compartment air handling units and heated with perimeter radiant panels. Direct digital controls are utilized for the control of the variable air volume boxes and perimeter heating control valves.

The main floor retail tenants will connect their heat pump units to the base building supplemental condenser water loop for 24/7 cooling. The same loop provides a means for supplemental cooling for the typical office tenants.


Calgary, AB

Gross Floor Area

  • 286,525 sq ft

Completion Year