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80 Atlantic Avenue


Described as Toronto's first wood construction building in a generation, this timber-framed structure is designed with innovation and workspace comfort as priorities. The five-storey wood structure office building includes two levels of below grade parking.

Smith + Andersen was engaged as the mechanical, electrical, and security consultant.

S + A Services Included:


The building has been provided with dedicated gas fired DX rooftop units complete with humidification to serve each floor and maintain appropriate ambient conditions for occupant comfort and the wood structure. The outside air for the building is pre-treated through a heat recovery unit. There is a main boiler plant in the penthouse to serve perimeter hydronic heating units and a fluid cooler providing supplemental condenser water at two watts/sq. ft. for tenant tie-in on each typical office floor, which is fed by an underfloor air distribution system with manual VAV diffusers on the interior and automated two-position dampers serving a trench around the perimeter.

The ground floor retail area has been provided with temporary heat until tenant fit-out. The retail space has also been provided with louvres for future tenant tie-in. There are also two air handlers down in the below grade mechanical room serving the main lobby and below grade vestibules.

The building has been provided with a central building automation system. Low flow plumbing fixtures have also been provided. A cistern is being used to reclaim water for irrigation and make-up for the fluid cooler on the roof. The sprinkler system was coordinated to run exposed in an organized fashion with the exposed wood beams on the typical office floor.


The electrical design includes an owner supplied, high voltage substation in the basement main electrical room along with main transformer and a 600V single ended switchboard. The distribution design allows for tenants to easily connect into base building electrical distribution. An under floor raceway system required special coordination with the wood frame suppliers to conceal conduits running down the building. The design also includes a full fire alarm and security system installation for the building.

The building was designed with all energy efficient LED lighting and a distributed networked lighting control system which will provide occupancy and daylighting control for all base building and tenant areas. The site lighting is LED and allows for a below grade courtyard between the new building and its heritage building neighbor.



Gross Floor Area

  • 136,400 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 38,000,000

Completion Year