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Church of Latter Day Saints


Designed by ABBARCH Architecture Inc.

Temple projects for the Church of Latter Day Saints are designed and built to be above normal industry standards. The construction costs are generally four times standard square meter costs for similar buildings. They are also designed for a 500-year life span. Each step of the design process is carefully monitored by the temple's design department to ensure that the end product meets the temple standards. Smith + Andersen has performed services for a temple in Vancouver and Calgary. A temple in Winnipeg is currently under design.

S + A Services Included:


The Vancouver temple is located in a rather rural setting in Langley where ambient noise and spill light from exterior sources are a major concern. In order to facilitate the noise bylaw, the exterior generator is located in an outdoor bunker with sound attenuated enclosure and hospital grade muffler.


The building is evenly flood lit with a combination of ground mounted flood lights as well as building mounted flood lights that meet the strict dark sky compliance of the municipal by-law. The temples consist of audiovisual systems for some of the ordinance rooms, and a very comprehensive lighting control system tuned to the various functions required. The three main function rooms were required to be rendered in 3-D to confirm the lighting effect and approved by the temple department prior to the lighting being installed to ensure the desired effect and lighting levels were achieved.
The Calgary temple is similar to the Vancouver temple with the exception of the exterior lighting appearance. All the exterior windows that were obscured from internal illumination, had internal dimmable LED sources within them that were tuned to mimic the light spilling out of windows from illuminated rooms. The effect from the exterior causes each window to appear evenly illuminated.


Langley, British Columbia

Gross Floor Area

  • 25,000 sq ft

Completion Year