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Tanenbaum CHAT - Wallenberg Guttman Family Science Wing


Designed by CS&P Architects Inc.

Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT) is a private Jewish High School with two campuses and over 1,400 students. Sustainability is of significance to the school with energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems. Smith + Andersen has been the base building mechanical and electrical engineers for the Wallenberg Campus since 1999 working on a variety of addition and alteration projects including master planning. The school targets particular aspects of the master plan to fundraise and execute.

Careful planning of each scope of work for the upcoming summer is required. Of course, it is critical that the work can be accomplished within the available time period and that the school is ready when students return. Identification and pre-purchase of long lead delivery equipment is always an important part of this process as well as ensuring the permits are in place so construction can begin after the last day of school.

The Wallenberg Guttman Family Science Wing, completed in 2015, is a new development that added an additional 15,690 square feet. The addition includes five new science laboratories complete with state-of-the-art equipment, a teaching laboratory, a greenhouse, and a Science Garden - an area to provide students with an experiential approach to learn about sustainability. The new Science Wing is connected to the existing building via an open-air, multi-purpose courtyard that is used by faculty, students, as well as a ""community space"".

Other projects include a new gym addition with covered atrium and lunch room, music room and drama room upgrades, building mechanical and electrical system upgrades.

S + A Services Included:


This project was the catalyst to implement a portion of the mechanical master plan: a heat pump condenser water system that will eventually serve the entire complex. A central condenser water spine with fluid cooler was installed that will, over time, be expanded to serve new and existing portions of the school. Vertical heat pumps installed in closets provide heating and cooling for the individual rooms - this is generally the plan for the existing school in a future phase(s). The heating plant was upgraded several years prior with future expansion. This project required additional capacity to the heating plant to handle the increased load. A 100% outdoor air supply to the wing offsets the fume hood exhausts - which are equipped with an exhaust fan per hood. Heat is recovered from general and washroom exhaust by enthalpy wheels. Heating and ventilation was provided for the greenhouse. Rainwater is collected and treated for irrigation use.


The existing electrical power capacity was utilized to accommodate new load requirements in the Science Wing addition. The existing fire alarm, PA, security and communication services were extended to the new addition. Efficient lighting and energy saving systems were adopted in the design. Battery packs and remote heads were utilized for emergency lighting. All science labs have been equipped with classroom control panels and video projectors and they are also complete with emergency shut off switches at the instructor's desk and exit door. All student science desks are equipped with duplex ground fault receptacles. Each Science Lab has been installed with zoned switching, occupancy and daylight sensors to provide consistent lighting levels and to maintain energy efficiency. Suspended indirect/direct pendant luminaires have been installed in Science labs. Slim profile luminaires, suitable for a wet location, were installed in the greenhouse to provide general lighting in the space. Occupancy and daylight sensors have also been installed in the Greenhouse to maintain energy efficiency.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 15,690 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 6,400,000

Completion Year