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ATCO Corporate Campus - Phase I


Designed by Gibbs Gage Architects
Rendering by Gibbs Gage Architects

Phase I of this project consists of two, four-storey office towers, a two-storey commons building including a commercial kitchen and two levels of below grade parking. The project is targeting LEED Gold certification.

S + A Services Included:


Each office tower has a fifth floor mechanical penthouse comprising of condensing boilers, central station variable speed air handling units complete with remote DX cooling and high efficient domestic hot water heaters. Floor ventilation air is provided via central air handling units in the penthouse with fan powered boxes throughout the floors. The system design also includes air side economizer on the air handling units to allow for free cooling.

The commons building is serviced by variable speed air handling units located in the parkade below. The units are used for both heating and cooling the commons building. The commercial kitchen exhaust is treated using ecology units to extract cooking effluents.


Calgary, Alberta

Gross Floor Area

  • 430,000 sq ft

Completion Year