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1 Queen Street East - Base Building Upgrades


Designed by WZMH Architects and Building Arts Architects

The commercial office complex at Queen and Yonge includes the 1 Queen Street East, 28-storey office tower and 20 Richmond Street East historical building. This project included upgrades and modernization for many of the base building systems. These systems included the lobby space, base building washrooms, elevators (and the addition of a barrier free lift), lighting, security desk replacement, security systems, base building network, intercom systems, video surveillance and the tenant amenity spaces including the addition of shower rooms, an upgraded tenant lounge area with seating capacity increased from 64 to 90, and an additional kitchenette. All work was completed around the regular operation of the facility using after hours work crews to minimize tenant disruption.

S + A Services Included:


The mechanical design includes new plumbing and HVAC services for the base building washrooms on all levels, the upgraded tenant lounge area, and the new shower rooms. The plaza's storm drainage was refurbished to prevent corrosion from road salt and condensation. The shower rooms and washrooms utilize low flow plumbing fixtures to maintain LEED Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance accreditation. In addition, flow meters were provided for the new shower rooms so that building operators can monitor water usage.


Electrical and fire alarm services were modified to support the base building system upgrades including: elevators, escalators, specialty lighting, parking control gates, base building washrooms, and shower rooms.

The lighting has been designed to increase energy savings, enhance the public experience, and improve light levels. The concept was designed by the architects, with Smith + Andersen providing assistance on the design through computer modeling and luminaire suggestions.


A new fibre optic backbone was installed and a high speed data network established to support new IP enabled base building systems as part of the owner's connected building strategy. The network was designed to support access control, video surveillance, intercom, elevators and future upgrades to the building automation and lighting control systems.


As part of the migration of the security systems to the new base building network, the access control system was upgraded to the most recent version of the software, while video surveillance, parking entry gate and intercom systems were replaced. During these migrations, the access control security system was also segregated into two physically separate systems for tenant and base building security. The people and material flow within the building were reviewed from a security perspective and security device locations were adjusted to assist with segregation of back-of-house activities.


Toronto, Ontario

Completion Year