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University of Windsor - School of Creative Arts


Designed by CS&P Architects
Renderings by CS&P Architects

As part of several relocations across University of Windsor campuses, this new building will be home to the School of Creative Arts. Located near the Armouries building and the Pitt/Ferry campus, the School of Creative Arts will add to the growing education presence in downtown Windsor. The school will provide multi-media performance areas and workshops, artistic studios, labs, and administration space. Incorporated into the campus will be the School of Visual Arts, the School of Music, as well as a new Film Production program.

S + A Services Included:


A high-efficiency custom roof top unit solution, complete with a heat recovery unit and a zone variable air volume (VAV) control is dedicated to each area. This allows airflow to modulate as per demand, exchange return air, and supply air streams to generate on-going cost savings. The two roof top units are served by two fully modulating high-efficiency condensing boilers to provide heating.

In the workshop area, dedicated fans and exhaust arms are used to exhaust welding, painting, and printing equipment to keep air streams separated and contained. In studio areas, reducing and isolating noise is achieved through supplying air downstream via noise reducing engineered perforated ductwork and transferring air back through noise dampening silencers.


The building consists of isolated sound editing suites, film storage room, and a number of fabrication rooms for wood, metal, casting, and electronics. The lighting in the print room has been designed to have a high colour rendering index (CRI) to better illuminate various colours. Electrical distribution for the film studio and multimedia studio was designed to suit the extensive AV system in these spaces, and a technical ground system was designed for the building to increase the quality in AV signals.

In office areas with natural lighting, luminaires are controlled with daylight sensors to maximize the use of natural light. Wireless lighting control devices in the office areas were also included to provide flexibility in furniture layouts.


Smith + Andersen provided an end-to-end structured cabling system infrastructure design. The infrastructure includes OS1 fiber intra-building backbone cables, multi-pair Category 5E intra-building backbone cables, and Category 6A horizontal data cables for the university network, VoIP phone, closed-circuit television (CCTV), audiovisual, and building automation system (BAS).


Internet protocol (IP), CCTV, electronic card access control and electronic intrusion detection systems were provided for the school. The facility's cooperate IP data network was leveraged in the design to yield efficiency, systems connectivity and integration.


Windsor, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 21,500 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 4,600,000

Completion Year