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Mem7iman Child Development Centre


Designed by David Nairne & Associates Ltd.
Photos by David Nairne & Associates Ltd., Jerry Lum

The Mem7iman Child Development Centre is a learning facility built for the Sechelt First Nation Community, in Sechelt, BC. The facility is an education centre for up to 70 children of pre-school age along with night and weekend community programs in two main multipurpose rooms. Main building features include extensive daylighting and skylights and green roof.

S + A Services Included:


The new education centre is provided with a low carbon footprint geo-exchange heat pump system without exterior mechanical equipment. Each classroom is equipped with its own heat pump unit for independent temperature control. A high-efficiency condensing boiler supplements the system during peak heating season. Domestic hot water is provided to the facility by a high-efficiency condensing water. The building is provided with a fully automated fire protection system with sprinkler throughout the building.


This facility is designed to offer a combination maximum flexibility balanced with effective energy saving solutions. Data including Wi-Fi, PA sound and power locations are coordinated with the end users to make the space work for them. Occupancy sensors and day light sensing dimmers are installed with low voltage lighting switches to give the teachers and administrators maximum lighting control. The lights have been selected to provide a natural and esthetically playful environment while avoiding an institutional feel. The classrooms and multipurpose rooms have AV capabilities built-in for all manners of presentations. The facility has a complete access control and intrusion detection system installed to manage the space as one unit or segregated for afterhours activities.


Sechelt First Nation, British Columbia

Gross Floor Area

  • 26,000 sq ft

Completion Year