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Berczy Park Revitalization


Designed by Claude Cormier + Associés
Fountain services by DEW Inc. (Dan Euser Waterarchitecture Inc.)
Photo by Smith + Andersen

Berczy Park shares a unique triangular shaped lot with the iconic flatiron Gooderham Building in the heart of the Old Toronto district. A welcoming public space, the revitalized park takes a whimsical approach to the fountain centerpiece tradition. The two-tiered cast iron fountain, inspired by a late-19th-century design, features waterworks through hand-painted dog sculptures. The park revitalization project, designed by Claude Cormier et Assocés, won the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects' 2018 National Award.

Smith + Andersen was engaged as the mechanical, electrical, and lighting consultant for the project.

S + A Services Included:


The park is illuminated with low level bollards and light poles inspired by the historic architecture of the surrounding area. The fountain and the Gooderham Building mural are both strategically lit to feature the intricate artistry while enticing pedestrians with an inviting glow.


Toronto, Ontario

Completion Year