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Apartment of Perfect Brightness


Designed by Adam Sokol Architecture Practice pllc
Photos by Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography

This project is a renovation that combined two units from a former office tower to provide a contemporary residential space while maintaining the art gallery feel throughout. The owner's preferences were taken into consideration when planning the lighting design.

S + A Services Included:


To eliminate the visual and psychological effects of heavy smog, all perimeter glazing areas were treated to simulate daylight. An LED intelligent white system, hidden inside the perimeter cove, was developed to simulate ambient lighting that could change from warm (2700K) to cool white (6500K), depending on the season, time of day, and outdoor lighting conditions by tuning the lighting. A semi translucent curtain is used to redirect the lighting in the cove towards the interior area. Decorative LED pendants and downlights (3500K) provide task lighting.


Beijing, China

Gross Floor Area

  • 2,906 sq ft

Completion Year



2016 IES Illumination - Toronto Section Award

2016 IES Illumination - International Award of Merit

2016 American Institute of Architects, New York State Chapter - Design Award, Interiors

2015 American Institute of Architects, Buffalo/Western New York Chapter - Design Award for Residential