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Mosaic Stadium


Designed by HKS Architects, Inc.

As part of The Regina Revitalization Initiative, the largest redevelopment project in Regina's history, the Mosaic stadium has a standard seating capacity of 33,000 that is expandable to 40,000. This open-air facility features a sunken-bowl design and a translucent spectator roof to provide protection from the elements. 68 per cent of the seats are located in the sunken bowl.

S + A Services Included:


The stadium's mechanical system features a condenser water loop with heat pumps which allow for individual zone control across the private suites, lounges, and offices. Consolidating the heating and cooling through the condenser water loop allows for heat recovery in the winter months when perimeter spaces are heating, and interior spaces are cooling. Throughout the open-air stadium, gas infrared heaters are provided where occupant comfort is crucial. The mechanical system is also fully integrated with third party concession stands, beer coolers, and commercial kitchens, and include kitchen exhaust systems and grease interceptors.


LED Lighting technology is used throughout the stadium, as it enhances the lighting quality, with no colour shifting. For broadcasting, LED lighting technology provides optimal light uniformity and drastically reduces operations and maintenance costs. This technology does not require a UPS system as the luminaires are capable of instantly restarting following a power failure, allowing the event to continue uninterrupted. 400,000 watts of electricity is saved using LEDs - translating to approximately $58,000 savings per year at $.07/kWh utility charges.


Regina, Saskatchewan

Gross Floor Area

  • 735,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 278,000,000

Completion Year