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Daniels Waterfront South


Designed by RAW Design
Executive Architect Rafael + Bigauskas Architects
Rendering by The Daniels Corporation

Daniels Waterfront South is a new development comprised of two towers, 14 and 10-stories, and a four-storey mixed-use podium. The towers consist of office condo space to be sold for ownership, while the podium contains potential institutional academic areas. Artscape, a non-profit urban development organization, will be the main owner on the fourth floor. The podium's ground floor offers retail and shall have at least one restaurant. A five level parking garage offers storage rooms available for purchase by the office condo owners.

S + A Services Included:


The creative hub industries (office commercial condo) will have dedicated systems for heating and cooling - this will allow the owners of the suites to have metered systems. The system will be based on heat pumps for each owner. Both commercial office and freehold owners will have dedicated heating and cooling systems. Retail spaces will be shelled and will provide basic mechanical services for future fit-out. All exhaust systems will be reclaimed for use on building intake for greater energy efficiency. Water-efficient fixtures will be provided. The large parkade will be served by multiple mechanical systems and incoming/outgoing services will be subdivided for multiple building users where required.


Separate electrical distribution branches are installed between the condominium, institutional, and retail spaces. The electrical systems are designed with capacity for future generators used for essential services. For energy efficiency, only LED lighting is used in the base building. Automatic occupant sensing lighting control is installed within public office corridors to reduce energy usage when unoccupied.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 460,000 sq ft

Completion Year