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ICE District Edmonton Tower (Block D)


The largest of its kind in Canada, ICE District is a new, mixed-use sports and entertainment district in downtown Edmonton. Smith + Andersen was engaged as the mechanical consultant for Block D, now known as the Edmonton Tower. The 27-storey office building features a three-storey podium, conference spaces, an outdoor terrace and a daycare with a rooftop playground. Sustainability was a key feature for the entire ICE District, and the Edmonton Tower successfully achieved
LEED Gold certification in 2016.

S + A Services Included:


The tower is unique mechanically, incorporating many energy-saving features. At the forefront of technology, the building utilizes chilled beams for the interior, and
variable flow, non-condensing fan coil units with electronically-commutated motors on the perimeter. The rationale for this system evolved from a need to reduce the size of the core and manage building height, which our team successfully coordinated.

Chilled beams also offer ideal comfort conditions to the interior zones by maintaining constant ventilation rates. The variable flow and dedicated outside air delivery elements gained energy points toward the tower's LEED certification. Other building
features include: energy recovery; CO2 sensors; stormwater retention; condensing boilers; high-efficiency chillers, and metering.


Edmonton, Alberta

Gross Floor Area

  • 749,868 sq ft

Completion Year



2016 CanBIM - Design & Engineering Award

2019 Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards, Award of Excellence