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Streetsville Main Street Square Redevelopment


Designed by CS&P Architects Inc.

The City of Mississauga's strategic goal is to build and maintain its infrastructure for its citizens for generations to come. The public square is a place that connects residents and community through arts, culture and heritage. The redevelopment of Streetsville Main Street Square was an opportunity to improve the quality and function of this outdoor space and transform this disjointed space into a vibrant space that can be expanded for community use and helps revitalize Streetsville's main public gathering space.

The two-way roadway can be closed for special events, creating a spacious pedestrian square. An attractive canopy structure, highlighting the corner intersection at Queen Street, can be easily converted to a stage and will serve as a centerpiece for the square's special events.

S + A Services Included:


The work involved the design of a new watermain to service the site complete with metering, backflow protection and individual ground hydrants.


Electrical scope for the project included new landscape, pedestrian height and roadway lighting utilizing energy efficient LED sources, and power and lighting design for a new exterior trellis stage for outdoor events/functions.


The street poles are designed with custom made angled structures to support an LED street luminaire. At the pedestrian gathering areas, there are LED uplights for the trees, and pedestrian scale poles with adjustable LED heads to provide a wide light coverage. The cenotaph has new LED luminaires recessed at the base to highlight its height. The main stage lighting provides colour changing illumination for public entertainment.


Mississauga, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 28,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 2,700,000

Completion Year



2016 Mississauga Urban Design Awards - Design of Excellence