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601 West Hastings Street


This downtown office project involves a new 25-storey tower, a new parkade interconnected with the existing adjacent office tower, a large covered outdoor public plaza area, and a restaurant/café on the ground floor.

Guided by the Smith + Andersen Intelligent Integrated Systems design team, 601 West Hastings achieved Wired Certification Platinum.

Designed by B+H Architects.

S + A Services Included:


The electrical service spaces are split to serve tenants across several floors. The main electrical distribution room will be located on the third level, with a second electrical room located on the roof.

The design follows LEED Gold and ASHRAE 90.1 standards, including energy efficient LED lighting and lighting control systems.


The exterior lighting is designed to enhance the public experience with a multitude of different lighting effects. At the ground level, a water feature will
be illuminated with colour changing LED luminaires, and massive columns will be up lit with recess lighting in ground luminaires. Outdoor seating areas will
have LED strips underneath to create a floating sensation. The design includes general lighting concealed in between the slats of the organic ceiling, and will be controlled independently to allow for image projections.

At the terrace level, cylindrical luminaires will be mounted below the horizontal beams to provide ambient lighting and a glowing effect from the exterior
building view. These lights will be controlled independently from the rest of the terrace luminaires to allow for flexible functionality. Low level luminaires will be located below the fixed seating areas and at the perimeter of the terrace to provide egress lighting for nighttime events.


Vancouver, BC

Gross Floor Area

  • 227,000 sq ft

Completion Year