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Hotel X


Designed by NORR Limited Architect & Engineers (executive architect) and Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC (design architect)
Rendering by Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC

Hotel X, located within Exhibition Place, brings to Toronto the most cutting edge mix of hospitality, sporting and entertainment ever assembled in an urban setting. It features a 28-storey tower containing 406 guest rooms and suites, first and second floor restaurants, first floor cinematic and retail, and amenity uses on the second, third, fourth floors and rooftop pool and bar area. Hotel X incorporates many sustainable features and is targeting LEED Certification.

S + A Services Included:


Heating and cooling systems are fed from Exhibition Place through a district energy transfer station within the building. The specified plant capacities are about 6,060kW for cooling, 7,000kW for heating, and 3,610kW for domestic hot water heating. The HVAC systems are controlled through a central building automation system. High density amenity spaces have been designed to include CO2 concentration monitoring which controls the outdoor air delivery to the space for optimal occupant comfort and compliance with LEED requirements. The suites will be equipped with 4-pipe fan coil units capable of year-round heating and cooling. The corner suites will have hydronic in-floor perimeter heating.


Incoming power is from Exhibition Place, sub-fed at 13.8kV. The main voltage distribution through the building is 600V. There is a 2000kW stand by diesel generator located on the roof which can provide emergency power back up for many systems for a long period of time in the event of a power failure. The fire alarm system is a two stage addressable system, with a CACF room located on the ground floor. The lighting design, based on high efficiency luminaires as per IES recommendations, will be controlled by automatic sensors in public corridors and modular dimming controls in amenity spaces.


System infrastructure was designed to support such systems as data network, telephony, in suite entertainment as well as wireless. The infrastructure adopted a leading edge approach and was designed with current and future technologies in mind.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 742,688 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 160,000,000

Completion Year