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Canon Headquarters


Designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects

This state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly building is the new corporate headquarters for Canon Canada. Located in Brampton, it has taken the place of its previous office in Mississauga. The five-storey building sits on an 18-acre site and offers a fitness room, cafeteria, terraces, as well as above and below grade parking for 520 cars. The facility is designed to be a SMART building with all building systems integrated into one Building Automation System (BAS). This project also targeted and successfully achieved LEED Gold Certification.

S + A Services Included:


The mechanical system includes a centralized variable speed magnetic bearing chiller plant complete with free cooling and centralized variable speed condensing boiler plant serving perimeter heating and air handler coils. Two centralized air handlers providing outdoor air to the building include an enthalpy recovery wheels to transfer heat from building sanitary and general exhaust. Compartment units temper the air on each floor. On levels one and two, air is distributed via an overhead VAV system and on levels three through five, air is delivered via an underfloor air distribution system. The building is designed to be an integrated controls building with all systems including mechanical, lighting, energy tracking, AV, security and fire alarm systems communicating with each other. Building control sequences include multiple disciplines such as activation of HVAC systems in designated areas upon swiping a security access card at the building entrance.


LED luminaires have been installed throughout the facility, excluding the parking garage and utility rooms. The lighting control system is fully digital, complete with wireless field devices. The large meeting rooms are equipped with modular dimming and pre-set controls. The entire building contains motorized blinds integrated with the lighting controls and solar tracking for higher efficiency. The fire alarm system is a single stage system with a voice messaging module. There is also a sub-metering system for monitoring capability. The incoming power is 27.6kV, stepped down to 600V. The main voltage throughout the building is 208V. There is a 750kW stand-by diesel generator - located in the basement - to provide emergency power backup for the life safety systems and data centre.


The structured cabling system consists of leading edge Category 6A infrastructure, capable of supporting 10x Gigabit Ethernet. The project includes a computer room, which has full route diversity for network backbone infrastructure. The open office environment utilizes a consolidation point design which gives Canon complete flexibility in future space reconfigurations.


Security services included the design of an integrated Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance system as well as electronic card access control, video intercom and intrusion detection systems throughout the facility. The access control system is also designed to control elevator access and turnstiles. Advanced long range readers are installed to control access to underground parking and the main outdoor parking gate. The video surveillance, access control and video intercom systems are integrated with various building systems such as a Building Management System (BMS) for efficient start-up and control of air-conditioning and lighting systems.


Smith + Andersen has provided the audiovisual (AV) technology design services for the new Canon headquarters. This challenging technological project includes a 120-seat divisible conference space that required flexible presentation, voice lift and control systems, an executive boardroom with integrated audio and video conferencing, and a variety of AV systems for meeting rooms, training rooms, and public spaces. In addition, Smith + Andersen provided the design for Canon's retail showroom that features interactive architecturally integrated video walls, projection and distributed audio systems that give the space the "wow" experience for their customers. The project ensured that the systems were holistically designed to integrate with the design team's building systems and with Canon's business requirements. An example of this is the room scheduling displays that integrate with Canon's calendar software while also tying to the integrated building management system (BAS) to exchange information with related subsystems like lighting and BMS.


Brampton, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 247,507 sq ft

Completion Year