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Chapman Mills Public School


Designed by N45 Architecture Inc.
Photo by EMA Architects Inc.

The new elementary school serving the community of Nepean and Barrhaven, ON opened in September 2013. The two-storey building serves Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight students and provides classrooms, administration areas, a library, and a gymnasium. This project is focused on providing a high performance educational space with reduced energy and operating costs.

S + A Services Included:


The mechanical design includes the innovative use of the building's own thermal mass to provide enhanced thermal efficiency and practical sustainability. A core slab design allows the heating or cooling of air to circulate through the floor structure itself. The building's thermal mass absorbs the hot or cold air during normal occupied periods. The radiant temperatures provided through the slab allow the space temperature set points to be 3-6 degrees higher or lower, respectively, while maintaining occupant comfort. Significant space temperature swings are avoided. Enthalpy heat recovery wheels within the building air handling systems provide up to 75% heat recovery. Variable frequency drives on motors greater than 3 hp and variable speed pumping also aid with increased energy efficiency.


Chapman Mills Elementary School utilizes hollow core slab construction with energy efficiency as its primary objective. The school utilizes T8 lighting with Wattstopper DLM intelligent lighting controls for classroom daylight harvesting, and occupancy control throughout the building. The classrooms have a clean concrete ceiling where the electrical is distributed within the hollow core slab, and common corridor ceiling space. The building exterior uses LED lighting for the façade and parking areas. Spare provisions for power and telecom were instated for future portables at the back of the site.


Ottawa, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 58,104 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 10,302,000

Completion Year