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University of Windsor, Pitt/Ferry Building


Designed by CS&P Architects Inc.
Photo by Smith + Andersen

This project involved converting the landmark Windsor Star building for the School of Social Work's academic program and the University's Centre for Executive and Professional Education. The exterior of the new building reuses part of the existing heritage limestone façade as a feature, while a modern addition has been built behind. The interior contains a three-storey open-air atrium in the courtyard and a ""garage door"" which opens to Pitt Street.

S + A Services Included:


Footprint created an energy model to represent the current design of the University of Windsor Star building. The purpose of the modelling is to compare energy performance to the minimum required by the Ontario Building Code, assess energy performance on a LEED scale and to help the design team evaluate energy conservation opportunities. The project was modelled utilizing eQUEST 3.64 energy modelling software.


The electrical design considered integration of various control systems, sustainability and energy efficiency, ease of control, and life-safety.
Lighting fixtures used a combination of high-efficiency fluorescent and the latest LED technologies. Lighting control system included daylight dimming, scene controls, occupancy/vacancy control, and time of day scheduling to maximize energy savings.
Classroom lighting controls are controlled through LCD touch screens, and integrated with shade controls and the Audio Visual system for full control of classroom systems at teacher podiums.
The main service switchboard is provided with a remote open/close key switch to reduce risk of maintenance staff exposure to high arc flash incidents. The building is provided with a natural gas emergency generator.
The fire alarm system integrates with the building automation center to communicate event status to the University Command Center, integrates with the AV system to silence AV systems, and integrates with the lighting controls system to bring all lights on in the event of emergency to allow occupants improved lighting to exit the building in a timely manner.


Communications end-to-end structured cabling system infrastructure design. The infrastructure includes the following: OS1 fiber intra-building backbone cables, multi-pair Category 5E intra-building backbone cables and Category 6A horizontal data cables for University network, VoIP phone, CCTV, AV and BAS. Construction administration was also part of the service.


Windsor, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 60,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 23,810,000

Completion Year