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Mississauga Celebration Square Rejuvenation


Located in the heart of downtown Mississauga, Ontario, Celebration Square is a 6.6-acre public space and entertainment venue. The square operates year-round and features a permanent stage, amphitheatre, and a fountain that transforms into a large outdoor skating rink during winter months. This welcoming entertainment area received an exciting lighting design rejuvenation to illuminate and enhance the existing buildings, architectural elements, and venue features.

S + A Services Included:


A central goal of the redevelopment was to improve energy efficiency and add exciting visual elements to the area (while providing a comfortable and safe space for spectators and pedestrians). The inefficient HID lights were removed and replaced with intelligent and controllable LEDs. New fixtures were intricately constructed and strategically integrated into walls, structures, and poles - as well as placed atop rooftops and landings - subtly using custom brackets, bracers, and mounting plates to attach to a variety of surfaces. The fixtures were also strategically aimed and mounted to conceal the view of various lights, while anti-glare lenses, covers, and louvres improve visual comfort.

Through careful programming, lighting effects and scenes provide animated movements, such as flashing, spinning, and fading effects, while alternating colours in an appealing way. With the touch screen head-end controls, specialized software, and web-capable back-end controller, the client has a fully integrated and centralized lighting controls system readily available. Through thousands of parameters across hundreds of lights, the controls system manages the entire space, from the fixture level to grouped zones and areas. Knowing that the needs of the city will change over time, the lighting system design accommodates an ever-growing list of needs and a wide variety of programming.


Mississauga, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 287,500 sq ft

Completion Year



2017 Toronto IES Illumination Section Award for Outdoor Lighting Design