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Humber River Hospital - Parking Structure


The parking garage is part of the new Humber River Hospital, located in north Toronto. The hospital's parking structure, which includes 2,000 parking spaces in two parking structures (4 & 5 above ground levels), is sizeable to meet the needs of the hospital's visitors and staff. There is additional surface parking as well and one of the parkades includes an underground tunnel to connect to the hospital.

The parking structure includes: free air design, motorized fresh air intake for stairwells, heating, combo heat and smoke and roof level exhaust~~ conditioned spaces to meet elevator requirements and the Ontario Building Code (OBC)~~ plumbing and drainage systems including sump pits, pumps and piping design~~ lighting controls, daylight harvesting, energy efficient lighting~~ design of back-up generator systems, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), transfer switch~~ communication systems, CCTV, PA, and Code Blue/Panic Alarm.

S + A Services Included:


Both parking garages are provided with all necessary mechanical systems including storm and sanitary drainage (and associated sump pits and pumps), fire protection (including fire extinguishers, a dry sprinkler system and a vestibule pressurization system at the interconnection between the garage and hospital for the 5-storey parkade and an elevator shaft pressurization system for the 4-storey parkade). The mechanical systems also include a seasonal water distribution system for cleaning and wash down (including incoming service and a water meter, premise isolation back-flow prevention, piping distribution and drain down points for seasonal drain down), D/X cooling systems for electrical and telecommunications rooms (arranged N+1 for telecom rooms), as well as heating and ventilation for enclosed mechanical and electrical spaces and the enclosed bicycle parking areas. Both parkades are naturally ventilated using a free air design.


The electrical design for the parking structure included normal, emergency and interruptible power supply (UPS) for serving the garages, including a long list of low voltage systems, including a parking counting system. The lighting was designed with daylight in mind and provides a bright and safe environment for the users. A full fire alarm system was provided.


The parking structures included a full line-up of low voltage systems include full Wi-Fi coverage, a distributed antennae system, and full real-time locating system coverage to locate staff, tagged patients and equipment within the parking structures.


The parking structures included full access control and closed circuit television (CCTV) coverage to monitor all areas of the parking spaces as safe for the users. Two-way communication duress stations were provided throughout the structure and were integrated with the CCTV system to bring up the video feed when a station is initiated.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 645,000 sq ft

Completion Year