Maple Leaf Quay


Designed by Quadrangle Architects
Rendering by Quadrangle Architects

The project involves further renovations and suite additions for the two existing 21-storey, mixed-use (residential, office, and retail) buildings, and the construction a new 29-storey, 248 unit, rental apartment located by the waterfront. The renovated towers will offer a fitness centre, a billiard room, a theatre, a conference room, a meeting room and a business centre, guest suites, party room, and a roof top patio. The project will introduce energy-efficient systems and finishes.

S + A Services Included:


Normal and emergency power distribution for the new tower at 370 Queens Quay West will be independent from the existing towers. A new customer owned incoming high voltage substation will serve the new building. Emergency power will be provided by a new diesel generator or parallel gas generators. The proposed suite expansion in the existing 350 & 390 Queens Quay West buildings will be served by new dedicated risers fed from the existing power distribution. As there will be limited connection between the existing and new buildings, a new two stage fire alarm system will be provided with a central alarm control facility (CACF) room in the new lobby, with communication link provided between the fire alarm systems in the existing buildings.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 250,000 sq ft

Completion Year